Denler Wi-Fi Bluetooth Gateway for DB03 lock

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Suitable for DB03 lock.

Tuya’s Smart wireless gateway supports 2.4G WIFI network direct connection.

Product function: Doctrine is used with Bluetooth & WiFi series products of the graffiti solution, including switches, sockets, sensors, door locks, electric curtains, universal infrared remote controls, etc.

The biggest advantage of the product is that it does not need to be connected to the network cable, it is plug and play, and it can be placed in any place with a socket to be powered on and used for networking.


Product name: Smart Wireless Mini Gateway (Tuya Version)

USB port current input: 5V/1A,

Working temperature: -10℃-55℃

Working humidity: 10%-90% RH

Wireless protocol 2.4G WIFI

Use any mobile charger to power.

Photo may be little different form actual product.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 4 cm

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5,999.00 Original price was: ₹5,999.00.1,999.00Current price is: ₹1,999.00.
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