Smart Door Lock Denler DXL Digital Door Lock with 3D Face Recognition, Wi-Fi Remote Unlock App, Fingerprint, Card, PIN, Keys

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Unlocking Methods

  • 3D Face Recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • RFID Card
  • Password
  • Mechanical Key
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi for remote location unlocking
Fingerprint Lock

Smartlife APP Features

  • Remote Unlocking with visitor photo pressing bell button on lock
    When a visitor is on call with you just ask them to press bell button on lock to get notification on your mobile to unlock.
  • Unlocking Notifications
  • Multiple App Users
  • Supports Android & iPhone
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi No gateway required

Features Details

  • 3D Face Recognition – When you walk towards the door motion sensor will detect & scan your face & unlock if you face is configuredNOTE: Face recognition will not work accurately with face with beard
  • Fingerprint – 360 Deg fingerprint sensor with 100 memory
  • RFID Card – 2 Cards Included 100 memory
  • Password – 6 Digit PINs 100 memory
  • Mechanical Key – 2 Keys provided
Fingerprint Lock

Security Features

  • When wrong Face, Fingerprint or PIN entered more than 3 times you will get notification in app.
  • When someone tries to remove lock from door you will get siren in lock and notification on mobile
  • Automatic Locking option available for safety
  • PIN Hiding – You can type any number before and after your actual PIN to hide from anyone watching you
  • Emergency Power – If you are away from home for long time and battery is down you can charge it using powerbank or use key to unlock
    NOTE : Emergency power feature will only work when battery is inside smart lock. If battery is not inside smart lock only mechanical key can open smart lock.
  • Low Battery Alert – Low battery alerts
  • Cancel a Lost Card – Delete users from lock easily

Compatibility & Requirements

  • Door Thickens – 35mm minimum required
  • Single Door Setup – Compatible
    Double Door – Compatible but Need tower bolt
  • Wi-Fi Models need 2.4G hotspot in router
  • Lock needs to be fitted in such a way that the
    camera is at the height to your chest level.
    Otherwise, face recognition will not work.
  • Make sure door is in ready condition mounted on its place
    without door on it’s place we can’t align lock with frame.
Fingerprint Lock


  • 3-Year warranty against manufacturing defects on electrical & mortise parts only. 1 year on battery.
  • When someone tries to remove lock from door you will get siren in lock and notification on mobile
  • If you face any issue with lock, just submit service request & attach video & we will send the replacement part assembly.

Parts Included in Box

  • 1. Lock front & rear unit2. Rear unit mounting plate3. 2 x Rubber Gaskets4. Lock Body5. Striker Plate & its cover6. Cylinder with 2 x keys & 1 screw7. 2 x RFID cards8. 2 x Pillars with 2 screws9. 4200 mAh Battery10. Micro USB Cable for battery charging (Use any mobile charger for charging)11. Template
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Dimensions 46 × 37 × 12 cm

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